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All orders placed on 15 and 16 February will be proceeded on 17th due to National Day. Thank you for the understanding and happy holiday!


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GTC 19, Belgrade

GTC 19, Belgrade
Currently closed

Vladimira Popovića 38
floor 1, office 101
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+381 62 888 6666

Mon - Fri

09:00 - 18:00

Sat - Sun


250+ employees in 12 countries!

30 years after its establishment, Tavex has over 250 employees in 12 European countries.

Below, we present you a part of the Serbian team. If you want to join us, check the open positions and apply for the one you think you are a fit for!

Georgi Hristov
Country Manager
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A cozy workplace combined with an extremely close-knit and friendly team – this is the successful formula of Tavex. Comfort and the feeling of self-improvement are only a small part of the incessant emotions and feelings here.

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