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Leader in the precious metal market in Northern and Eastern Europe

The Tavex Group was founded in 1991 and has firmly established itself as a leading precious metals and forex dealer in Northern Europe, serving on average 2 million clients annually.

S e r v i c e s

Buy and sell gold from Tavex

Investment Gold

Our services include providing gold bullion coins and bars for investment purposes. We work in partnership with only the most trusted refineries in the world.

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Buy and sell silver from Tavex

Investment silver

Tavex provides a range of silver bullion coins and bars for all types of investors. We have a direct supply chain with the world’s leading precious metals producers. This, combined with efficient, well-planned logistics guarantees you the most competitive pricing on the market.

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Sell your gold and silver jewelry

Scrap gold and silver

Not available in Serbia.

Selling and buying is a two-way market. Tavex also buys gold and silver.

Exchange currency in Tavex

Currency exchange

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We offer excellent rates and low fees combined with friendly customer service.

Send money worldwide

Payment Services

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You can transfer money worldwide, in cash or via bank transfers.


H i s t o r y

The creation of Tavex

Tavid was established as a private limited company in April 1991 by Mr Alar Tamming in Tallinn, Estonia. It started with video rentals in Tallinn Video Center, hence how the company got its name, Tavid. Mr Tamming’s dedication to searching for ways to increase revenue led to the first foreign exchange transaction taking place in October 1992.

Tavex expands to Finland

The first foreign subsidiary of Tavid AS was founded in Finland in 1996. It was called Tavex OY. The company’s overseas expansion was fuelled by the growing Estonian workforce in Finland. They needed a quick and secure way to send money back home. So, an express money remittance service between Finland and Estonia was set up. This was unique at the time.

Tavex in Latvia

The company continued its expansion in 2002. Entering the Latvian market under the name Tavex SIA. Although the local business culture was very different there – doing business in Estonia was much simpler and more transparent at the time – hard work brought success. Tavex SIA currently has six offices in Riga.

Start of gold

Mr Tamming initially acquired a small amount of gold to maintain the value of his assets. He found the process to be drawn out and frustrating. Being a man that’s passionate about customer service, he knew he could provide a better buying experience for others.

He also knew he wasn’t the only person interested in protecting their assets against inflation. So, in 2004, Tavex started offering everyone the best way to invest in physical gold.

1oz costs around 330 euro at the time.

Tavex goes to Sweden

We opened our second Scandanavian subsidiary in Sweden in 2005. Tavex AB started offering currency exchange services and selling investment gold. The Swedish market loved our excellent service, customer-friendly pricing, commitment and trustworthiness. As a result of this, Tavex is now a well known and established bullion dealer in Sweden, currently operating in 4 locations.

Tavex during the economic crisis

The uncertain economic situation and plunging stock markets saw many people seek refuge in investment gold. This resulted in a sudden surge in demand. Our robust supply chain and strong relationship with refineries meant we still met our customer’s needs. Despite the turbulence in the market, Tavex delivered 2,159kg of investment gold in 2008. This was a record at the time.

Tavex expands to Bulgaria

Tavex EOOD was founded in 2009 in Bulgaria. Nordic business ethics and core principles helped propel Tavex EOOD to huge success. Helping Tavex contribute to Bulgaria’s rapidly evolving business environment. Tavex now operates a total of seven offices in Sofia, Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv.

Covering Scandinavia

Tavex continued its mission in the Scandinavian market in 2011. Opening an office in Denmark, quickly followed by an office in Norway. As a result, Tavex now operate in all Scandinavian countries. Where we’re a household name among bullion investors.

Tavex and Poland

Tavex Group continued its expansion in Eastern Europe when Tavex Sp. z o.o. was established in Poland. The first office opened in Warsaw in 2015, followed by the second office in 2020. The third office opened in Katowice in 2020 and the fourth in Gdynia in 2021. Tavex is currently the largest bullion reseller in Poland.

A subsidiary company, TavexWise AS was founded in 2015. The aim was to provide payment services and money transfers under the TavexWise brand.

Tavex expands to Romania

In September 2019 Tavex expands to a new European market – Romania. We opened our first office in the capital Bucharest in one of the biggest shopping malls – AFI Cotroceni.

The biggest Tavex expansion

Tavex is dedicated to helping more and more people buy gold and silver bullions at wholesale prices. We’ve achieved this by making investment simple and secure with our award-winning website. As well as providing same-day dispatch and insured delivery. Tavex drives innovation whilst maintaining our core values. Our commitment to growth means that in 2021 Tavex is expanding to Serbia, Hungary, and the United Kingdom.

Tavex Group in numbers

Key numbers about our business and achievements.


countries in Europe




dedicated people


kg of gold sold in 2022


years in business


countries in Europe




dedicated people


kg of gold sold in 2022


years in business

You can find us in 12 countries

The Tavex Group operates in 12 European countries and since 2015 has also been offering payment services in the Philippines.

Here are some facts

We have sold almost 50 tons of gold in the last 10 years to millions of satisfied clients.

With quality, always comes quantity.


3 100 kg


2 900 kg


2 850 kg


3 200 kg


3 000 kg


3 500 kg


4 400 kg


6 100 kg


9 200 kg


11 100 kg

So, come and say Zdravo, Hello, Здравей, Salut, Hej, Tere, Helô, Cześć, or Moikka!

We offer you the best prices and the best service.

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